Some Important Tips To Proceed With Successful iPad Game Development

With the advent of the Facebook Game Development Platform, a new platform for online players has evolved. The development of the game on social networking sites are not a new concept on the social media platform. Sites like MySpace and others also offer online games for social media games. With regard to Facebook Game Development Services, most Facebook game developers rely on ActionScript and Flash. These two programming languages ​​are favorites with developers because there are not many effective languages ​​to make interactive games. Some of the popular Facebook Gaming applications that have supported from the beginning and are very popular with users are:

Solitaire Sam
Tycoon Sheep
There are multitudes of its Facebook FLASH API, which visit you can use to make online games Facebook. However, many developers refer to Go for PHP on Flash. With PHP, you can make an invisible 0x0 iframe on the canvas page to load a PHP script to call all Facebook APIs effectively. This is extremely convenient to make the dynamics of the database. For example, if there is a new highest score, simply load the script into the iframe. This goes well with any Facebook API call or sending notifications.

The next step will get your friends on Facebook. You can easily do it by getting friend IDs in PHP and passing it through the game using Flashvars. There is virtually no chance to change the list of friends while the game is on. The method is quite simple. Once the friend’s identifier is added to the database, you can do what you want to do. Many game developers use the list to view the best scores of their friends. สล็อตเว็บตรง For example, Tycoon Sheep works this way. It shows all the high scores of players with the list.

Many developers can not decide if they have to display high scores inside the game or in a separate PHP page. However, most of them prefer the latter because it is an easier and faster approach. The more delicate section records the best scores and publish them around the world for each player. MySQL is the most preferred database of Facebook game developers. You can not only record high scores, but can also order them according to your wish as time, score etc. A major problem with high score management and the global rand is the calculation first. There are different methods of doing so. For example, in Flipcup, the database updates the ranks of the players during any change takes place. Global ranks are recalculated on the Dashboard page.

The development of the game on Facebook is gaining popularity every day as more and more companies realize its potential in terms of creating brand awareness. Many qualified developers are trying their hands in this technology to take it next level. If you too want to reach your users around the world, visit and get a free quote!

Tinni Gangly is an expert in technology, working as an independent technical writer with Evon Technologies. It has written on many technical areas, the latest technologies and practices in the industry. Currently, it puts the effort to write for people with non-technical knowledge, and present them to various software technologies and the benefits of outsourcing.

Some Important Tips To Proceed With Successful iPad Game Development

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